Construction Sites Engineering and Management


The Construction Engineering and Management area of study prepares students to manage design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings and infrastructure systems in the increasingly global construction industry.

Study System

Program Total Credit Hours


Program Duration

5-Years (10 Levels)

Program Fees


Program Mission

The mission of the Construction Sites Engineering and Management program is to prepare individuals for a professional career in construction and building engineering by providing graduates with the necessary technical skills, personal skills and knowledge in construction and building engineering. The main objective of the program is to produce and qualify graduates of the construction and building engineering department.

The program also aims to cope with the developments in latest technologies and acquiring competitive advantages, so as to prepare graduates for the practice of construction engineering at the professional level with confidence and skills necessary to meet the technical and social challenges of the future and for continuing their studies at the graduate level.

Program Objectives

In pursuit of this mission, the educational objectives of the Construction Sites Engineering and Management program are to:

  • Apply analytical, experimental, design, construction engineering and management techniques with proficiency aided by modern tools.

  • Understand global, ethical, and social implications of the profession in regards to public safety and sustainability issues.

  • Acquire and utilize personal, communication, and leadership skills and be able to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team.

Program Requirements

The program requirements can be classified according to the courses area as follows:

  • Humanities & Social Science: GEN101, GEN102, GEN201, GEN202, GEN301, GEN302, GEN401, GEN402.

  • Mathematics and Basic Sciences: CPE101, EMP101, EMP102, EMP103, EMP104, EMP105, EMP106, EMP107, EMP201, EMP202, , EMP203, MDP101, MDP102.

  • Basic Engineering Sciences: ARC301, CVE201, CVE202, CVE203, CVE301, CVE302, CVE303, CVE304, MDP103, MDP201, CSM201, SRE201, SRE301.

  • Applied Engineering and Design: ARC401, ARC501, ARC502, CVE305, CVE306, CVE403, CSM305, CSM402, CSM403, CSM501, CSM502, CSM 503.

  • Computer Applications and ICT: ARC201, ARC403, CSM301, CSM401, CSM505, SRE402.

  • Practice & Projects: ARC02, CSM304, CSM504, CSM591, CSM592.

  • Electives: Four courses from ARC404, ARC405, ARC406, ARC407, ARC503, ARC504, CVE404, CVE405, CVE406, CVE501, CVE502, CVE504, CSM506, CSM507, CSM508, CSM509, CSM511, CSM512.

  • Field Training: GETR101 and GETR102.


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