Solid State Electronic Devices

Course Code : [CCE201]

Programs : Communication and Computer Engineering Program

Compulsory / Elective : Compulsory

Courses Level :Undergraduate

Basics of semiconductor physics – Fermi-Dirac distribution – Carriers
concentrations – Intrinsic and Extrinsic materials – Charge neutrality –
Currents in Semiconductors (drift current - diffusion current) – Semiconductor
parameters (mobility, Scattering, life-time) – Hall effect – PN junction theory
– Diode IV characteristics – large and small analysis – Analog and digital diode
applications (Rectifiers, Clipping circuits, Clamping Circuits, multipliers) –
Special purpose diodes (Light emitting diodes, photo diodes, Zener diode and
its applications) – Basics of Bipolar junction transistors (BJT) and field effect
transistors (FET) – physical operations, characteristics, specifications.