Electric Circuits (2)

Course Code : [CCE205]

Programs : Communication and Computer Engineering Program

Compulsory / Elective : Compulsory

Courses Level :Undergraduate

Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis, Impedance, Phasors, The Passive Circuit
Elements in the Frequency Domain, Kirchoff’s Laws in the Frequency
Domain, Techniques of Circuit Analysis in frequency domain (Source
Transformations and Thevenin-Norton Equivalent, The Node-Voltage
Method, The Mesh-Current Method), Phasor Diagrams, Instantaneous Power,
Average and Reactive Power, The RMS Value and Power Calculations,
Introduction to Frequency Selective Circuits: Low-Pass Filters, High-Pass
Filters, Introduction to Frequency Selective Circuits: Band-pass Filters, Bandreject
Lab: Brief instructions on ammeters, Voltmeters and watt-meters,
Oscilloscopes and their applications. Ohm's law. Series and parallel
connections of resistors. RMS values of current and voltage. Capacitor in an
AC circuit. Low-Pass Filters, High-Pass Filters. Resonance circuit.