Modeling and Simulation

Course Code : [CCE402]

Programs : Communication and Computer Engineering Program

Compulsory / Elective : Compulsory

Courses Level :Undergraduate

Introduction to computer-aided design tools including OrCAD, MATLAB,
LabVIEW ... etc. Provide an understanding of computer-aided drafting
principles and practices, and provide knowledge of engineering drawing
fundamentals using OrCAD. Drawing of electrical circuits and layouts of
electronic assemblies, Study of theoretical concepts of electronic
circuits/systems and General engineering systems using simulation software’s:
Lab: Circuit Design and Analysis Using Pspice - Transient Analysis Using
Pspice - DC sweep Using Pspice - Ac sweep Using Pspice - Navigating
LabVIEW - Implementing a VI - Lesson 3 - Troubleshooting and Debugging