Microprocessors and Micro-Controllers

Course Code : [CCE403]

Programs : Communication and Computer Engineering Program

Compulsory / Elective : Compulsory

Courses Level :Undergraduate

The 8086 MICROPROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE: Architecture, block
diagram of 8086, details of sub-blocks such as EU, BIU; memory segmentation
and physical address computations, program relocation, addressing modes,
instruction formats, pin diagram and description of various signals.
INSTRUCTION SET OF 8086: Instruction execution timing, assembler
instruction format, data transfer instructions, arithmetic instructions, branch
instructions, looping instructions, NOP and HLT instructions, flag
manipulation instructions, logical instructions, shift and rotate instructions,
directives and operators, programming examples. INTERFACING DEVICE:
8255 Programmable peripheral interface, interfacing keyboard and seven

segment display, 8254 (8253) programmable interval timer, 8259A
programmable interrupt controller, Direct Memory Access and 8237 DMA
Lab: Programs for 16-bit arithmetic operations for 8086 (using Various
Addressing Modes).
Program for sorting an array for 8086.
Program for searching for a number or character in a string for 8086.
Program for string manipulations for 8086.
Program for digital clock design using 8086.
Interfacing ADC and DAC to 8086.
Parallel communication between two microprocessors using 8255.
Interfacing keyboard and seven segment display using 8255
Data Transfer from Peripheral to Memory through DMA controller 8237.